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At Cost Page for You To Feature Your Events, Programme, Previews & More

Page Partners are for arts and cultural providers or event/entertainment organisations and agencies who can purchase a whole page at cost. You simply send us your material and our design team does the rest. It costs just £400 per page and with quarterly publications we encourage all to sign-up for 4 publications but you can opt out at any time.

Next publication deadlines are:

  • Oct-Dec edition – deadline for material Sept 22nd
  • Jan-Mar edition – deadline for material Dec 20th
  • Apr-Jun edition – deadline for material Mar 20th
  • July-Sept edition – deadline for material June 20th

What’s Included for Page Partners?

Cooperative marketing for arts, entertainment and culture providers.

PR, Previews & Reviews

Add as many written articles and images as you wish. Great for providing more info than an ad and selling events.

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Editing Services

Our editors and design team gate-keep all text and images you submit and work with you to get it right. Submissions are time sensitive.

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Your Own Adverts

Put your flyer design or ads on your page to push big shows or events, competitions or other eye catching visuals.

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We print 10-30,000 copies and distribute to art venues, tourist information and many other outlets throughout Taunton Deane.

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What You Need To Know

Your questions answered and a few rules.

It’s best to have a mixture of items in your dedicated page as per the sample shown below. This may include an introduction to your organisation, a short press release (best to have 100-200 words), event preview, some of your own event adverts or any competitions etc.

Unfortunately you cannot sell advertising on your page but you can include adverts of your own events on your page. But should you have a sponsor of an event than speak to our staff before you commit.

If you have a potential advertiser for Arts & Culture newspaper then send them a link to our website.

Once you sign-up as a page partner you will need to pay for your page straight away. You can purchase as many pages as you like. Each page is £400 inclusive of all services. Should you not be a Page Partner then your fee will be £600.

Once you become a Page Partner you will be added to our email database which we will use to notify you of deadlines via email. Failure to produce page content at the deadline means you will miss the print run but still liable for payment. However, we will work with you to ensure that this does not happen.

Your events could be anything to do with arts, community and culture such as:

>> arts, galleries, theatre, live music
>> cinema, film and media
>> heritage, workshops, wildlife
>> talks, lectures, educational events
>> sport, fun days, festivals
>> club/society events, walks, workshops
>> food, drink, wine tasting, food fairs, etc.
>> fairs, fêtes and community events and more

Sample Layout of a Page Partner Page

Filled with great opportunities & expertly designed

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