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Arts Taunton (formerly known as Taunton Cultural Consortium) is a strategic body designed to deliver a range of services and knowledge for the arts and cultural sector and is supported by Taunton Deane Borough Council.

The Consortium is an independent, collaborative body, with a membership reflecting public, charitable and private organisations and individuals having a direct interest in:

the promotion and provision of heritage, theatre, music, literature and visual arts in the town of Taunton;
supporting the creative industries which feed them;
identifying the facilities and people that help culture flourish.
promoting diversity of culture

The collective mission of its members is to provide enjoyment, information and learning for all in a growing resident, student and visitor population in Taunton Deane, Somerset and the region by:

developing and drawing on the creativity of the people who live and work here, both professional and amateur;
bringing the highest standards of performance and exhibition to Taunton from elsewhere;
making a social and economic contribution to the borough;
working with tourism, sport and community in furtherance of this mission.
Backing the contributions of members to culture
Drawing on the knowledge of its members, and identifying their needs, the Consortium has a strategic role in:
providing information and advice on cultural development, infrastructure and projects to Taunton Deane Borough Council, Taunton Forward, and Somerset County Council;

campaigning for cultural activities and facilities;
promoting dialogue and partnership between cultural organisations;
supporting the development of a common marketing and sales organisation for cultural providers
Acting as a catalyst for change
Delivering collectively
Working with all partners

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